Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taysir Batniji Installation/Performance

Photo: Haupt & Binder

Atelier (22.06.2006 - 07.06.2009)
Color photograph on paper 150 x 100 cm

Hannoun 1972-2009
Installation / Performance

"The red pencil, an artists' tool, is a symbol of an art process that in (Taysir) Batniji's work is constantly interrupted; where as the sea of shavings is an obsession from childhood that he revisits to link the past with the present. The pencils, long associated with drawing, represent art he no longer practices, thereby assuming a poetic function. Their red color, barely visible, is multiplied several folds in the thousands of shavings that create a sea of fragile "petals" reminiscent of the anemones long associated with the Palestinian landscape and celebrated in poetry and song. The work is performative. Created outside a studio, it is a transient confrontation between the artist, his work and his Gaza studio (on the photo in the back) that he cannot reach."

Courtesy of Nafas magazine. Lovely.

I am continually astounded by the cutting edge contemporary visual art and performance emanating from Palestine and its Diaspora (Batniji moves between Palestine and Venice). Pound for pound it is one of the most exciting art scenes on the planet. Even more amazing given its modest size and the neo-colonial hardships endured by its people.

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