Saturday, September 26, 2009

Proposals still being accepted for performance festival Geographical Assemblage: Mythological Landscapes of the Body

Festival: Geographical Assemblage: Mythological Landscapes of the Body

When: Fri. Nov. 27th and Sat. Nov. 28th.

Where: subterranean arthouse in Berkeley, California

What: Theatre, dance, music, multidisciplinary, time-based art, workshops, talks, readings, etc.

Email proposals to Festival Curator: Catherine Duquette at:

Proposals due: Oct. 1 or sooner!

Festival Inquiry:

What are the borders, texts, practices, and narratives that define phenomenological body and social body? How do these corporeally defining devices relate to land and designed environment?

The subterranean arthouse invites proposals for performances that flirt with, taunt, beg, or defy these questions. Theatre artists, dancers, musicians, multidisciplinary and time-based visual artists, please propose 10 to 40 minute pieces meditating on “Geographical Assemblage: Mythological Landscapes of the Body.” Proposed workshops may be up to 90 minutes long, time permitting.

* The study of the earth and its features
* The study of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity

* A collection of persons or things
* The state of being assembled

* A collection of myths belonging to a people and addressing their origin, history, deities, ancestors, and heroes.

* An expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view
* An extensive mental view
* An interior prospect

* A mass of matter that is distinct from other masses
* The entire material or physical structure of a person
* A group of individuals regarded as an entity

To give shape to. . .


Artists of all levels and experience are encouraged to apply; pieces at any stage of development are welcome provided that they’ve reached a stage benefiting from an audience.

In approximately one page, please provide the following:

*Clearly define the proposed performance and how it relates to mythological landscapes of the body.
*What stage of development is the piece? Has it been shown before, if so, where and when?
*Technical requirements if any
*Indicate whether you are available for both days, 27th & 28th, one or the other.
*Brief Biography
*Please also include supplementary materials indicative of the proposed presentation.

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