Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How the Rapist Was Born premiering in London 9/28-10/17

London's Theatre Waah is premiering Sabina England's play, How the Rapist Was Born as part of their Double Dutch Espresso series, on a bill with Punam Ramchum's Jesus Christ and Chocolate Pudding. The plays run from September 28-October 17th. If you are in London, go and see it and report back.

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  1. How The Rapist Was Born is an outstanding play which challenges men and women to look at how they deal with provocative sexuality. It's a blinding storm of words and lights and music, an uncomfortable piece of theatre which would not be out of place in Bertolt Brecht's portfolio. At 1 hour 10 minutes, it's not particularly long, but even that time flies by. It's a prose poem of sorts, with repetitions thrown in which break the play, quite naturally into three acts at least (I wasn't taking notes).

    If you're in London, and have the time and 12 spare quid, go see this play. It's worth it. There's a twist in the tail (tale), and the acting's great, too.