Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Music: Sublime, I Love My Dog

The weirdest thing happened. I got a dog.

Here is what happened: The other day I was hanging out at my best friend Ant's watching TV (we were planning on going to see Wolverine) and I heard whining outside on his deck. So he went to check and... There was this dog. Beautiful, black lab mix. About a year old. Big, but still a puppy. Floppy ears and giant paws. Little scar across his snout. Sweet disposition. We blew off the movie and spent three hours scratching mystery dog on his belly.

And then his owner showed up and took him home.

Two days later I get a call from Ant, "Guess who is back?" Apparently he got out again, and made a beeline for Ant's backdoor. But he was on his way to an audition so he asked me to keep an eye on him. I live three blocks away so I came right over and got to hang out with mystery dog again for a few hours... And then his owner showed up and took him away again. Turns out, he'd only had him for a few days and he was having trouble adjusting because the guy is a cop who is away eight plus hours at a time. And the dog is a rescue with separation anxiety who was wrecking his place before managing to wriggle out a back window to escape. Apparently the cop had already gotten rid of a dog because of his schedule and I was sure he was going to do the same with this dog too. My dog. And I thought, "No way." Ant and I both wanted to take him in but practically speaking neither one of us could really take care of a rescue dog by ourselves either. We knew that if this dog went back to the shelter that his chances of getting adopted again were really small though. And he was too special. So we began to talk seriously about sharing him and splitting the responsibilities.

Ant told his neighbor to let him know first if he planned to give him up and the cop took him up on it almost immediately. Now I am writing this and the dog is sacked out at my feet with his paw thrown across his eyes. You remember that scene from Raising Arizona where Nicolas Cage hands the stolen baby to Holly Hunter and she bursts into tears and says "I LOVE HIM SO MUCH" ? Well, that is how I feel about this freaking dog I was not planning on.

Thing is, I knew from the second I saw him that this was my dog. I just knew.

So now I have a dog. Okay, a time-share interest in a dog, but still.

His name is Rocket. Look at that face. What would you do?

Rocket the dog, woozy from a nap


  1. he's so cute!! congrats on getting the puppy :-)

    i love my cat! so it's such a warm feeling have a cute pet at home.

  2. Any variety of Labrador = best pooches in the whole wide world.

    You know I'm coming over, right?

  3. @Fiqah
    No arguments from me. Although a guy on the street when I walked him yesterday seemed convinced he is part Boxer too.

    ...And he is sacked out again right next to me. Life is pretty good.