Thursday, May 14, 2009

Calls For Papers: IJPADM & Real Virtual


1) International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media: DANCING ACROSS FILM, TELEVISION AND THE DIGITAL SCREEN

The contemporary visual landscape is littered with images of performing bodies located in multiple screen contexts, from dedicated art dance film festivals through to prime time reality television shows. The potential for dance to achieve on-screen viewing figures scarcely imaginable in comparison to theatre dance audiences is evidenced by the YouTube clip, Evolution of Dance, a whirlwind demonstration of popular dance through the decades, which received 76.7 million hits. This special edition of the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media explores both contemporary and historical enquiry into the production and reception of performing bodies across the film, television and digital screen. Possible questions that might inform this critical discourse regarding screen dance research are:

What is the relationship between economics and screen dance production and how does the performing body operate as a vehicle of commercialisation and promotion within these sites?
To what extent is screen dance shaped by the politics and policy of commissioning editors and executive producers and what relationship do guerrilla filmmakers have to this official framework of production?

How do the multiple contexts for screen performance inform the aesthetics of dance on screen and how do they create different spectatorship experiences? What is the impact of new and extant film-making technologies on the performing body and how has this changed understandings of dance-making? How is dance mediated and re-presented in order to achieve popular appeal and in what ways does this reproduce or challenge cultural assumptions about dance? Given the global circulation of screen dance images, how are these representations understood within localised contexts of reception?

IJPADM is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal drawing contributions from a wide range of researchers and practitioners who are placed at the rapidly developing interface of new technologies with performance arts. Given the interdisciplinary nature of screen dance practice, proposals are invited from artists, scholars and professionals working across the fields of dance and performance studies, film, television and media studies, cultural studies, history and other related disciplines.

All papers must be submitted by 1st July 2009
Intended publication date: December 2009.
Details for submissions and notes for contributors can be found at:

All papers are to be submitted to Dr Sherril Dodds, Guest Editor.

Dr Sherril Dodds, Department of Dance, Film and Theatre Studies, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH

General enquiries can be addressed to Dave Collins, Editor.

2) Real Virtual is a new French online journal, based out of Sorbonne Research Training Center (CIES-Sorbonne), devoted to the study of the digital image and practices. It is an interdisciplinary and international journal, that will feature the works of artists as well as academics.
We invite scholars and practitioners to submit papers for the first issue of the journal, on the topic of the digital "texture".

Please send all submissions to
Deadline : June 30th.

Clélia Barbut
Visiting Scholar, NYU
PhD, Univ. Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle

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