Monday, May 18, 2009

Benefit Event: An Exhibition of Paintings by Orphaned Children in Lebanon

Alwan for the Arts Presents:

Benefit Event: Paintings by Children from SOS Villages in Lebanon at Mark Hachem Gallery
Wed, May 20, 2009 6:00 pm at Galerie Mark Hachem

Mark Hachem Galerie d’Art Contemporain
988 Madison Ave New York, NY 10021

An exhibition of paintings by orphaned Lebanese children. Come support the cause and enjoy remarkable children's artwork.

“5 April 2009, Beirut (Lebanon) – This is the story of a truly epic journey, a once in a lifetime experience for two Brits to run across a Middle Eastern country, to stage a unique running event with the backing of a nation to bring support to a most noble humanitarian cause, the SOS Children’s Villages. The ultimate success of what was grandly titled the Trans Lebanon Ultra 09 (TLU) project proved to be a master class in teamwork, an example of what can be achieved when a collective group of like minded individuals comes together with a single vision, with unwavering determination and endless enthusiasm to see the common goal achieved.”

-Jackson Griffith & John Tyszkiewicz

About SOS:

The Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages family-based child care strategy emphasizes family relationships; each individual in an SOS family takes a unique supporting identity and a sense of belonging. The bonds between the children among each other and their SOS mother last long after they leave the SOS Children's Villages and become independent adults in life.

Each child joins a family of 7 to 9 brothers and sisters with an SOS mother in their own home. The SOS Mother is responsible for her own family and house, manages her own financial spending and contributes into the well development of every child. As professional-care givers, and with the support of the village director and the village pedagogical team, SOS mothers provide the best alternative care for the children and relate to them with the same duty and joys of every other natural mother.

For more information about SOS, please visit:

or call Alwan: (646) 732 3261

This event is under the Patronage of the Consulate General of Lebanon in New York with the support of Alwan for the Arts, SEAL & Mark Hachem, Galerie d’Art Contemporain.

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