Monday, June 29, 2009

Obscureterrain: Open Call for Artist Proposals

Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY
October 17, 2009 | 2-7pm

Submission Deadline: July 3, 2009

"We are rallying artists, performers, and community members to go to the rooftops on Saturday, October 17, 2009 to participate in a multi-rooftop spectacle of manifold performances, events, etc. occurring simultaneously. Throw a barbeque, dance, perform a circus act, build an installation, stage a protest, throw confetti in the air – anything goes.

Taking place specifically on the Gowanus rooftops along the F-Train in Brooklyn where it emerges from underground at 4th Avenue and descends at Carroll Street (and vice versa), this happening invites participants to harness the quotidian subway commute as an opportunity to lift fantasies and potentials out of the mundane, inventing/imagining alternative modalities for encountering and inhabiting the transforming urban landscape.

The jagged horizon of old, new and demolished buildings surrounding the path of the train marks the accretion of microscopic change that often rests on the periphery of the senses. Here, commuters have an opportunity to witness the sedimentation of one neighborhood’s rapidly changing skyline – an ever-shifting horizon of communities that indicates our transforming economic, social, political environments.

By excavating voluminous fantasies and potentialities from what is perceived as banal or unimportant, we hope to generate an opportunity for sensing the heretofore imperceptible – the virtually present – by inviting commuters and community members to take another look, to shift perspective, and to alter their relationality to the landscape. In this way, obscureterrain insists that it is necessary to be critical of the everyday, to imagine what else could be, and to enact it. Visit for more information.

To apply please submit a 250-word description of your project to You do not need to secure a roof prior to applying."

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