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Call for artists for Bereznitsky Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

July 10 August 16 2009

SHOULD THE WORLD BREAK IN-is an exploration of the voice of the singular enduring the ramifications of the perfect storm of strife, both pre-existing and of the immediate. A macro/microsmic exploration of the hero/anti hero inhabiting the one side, the other side or the no man's land of transitions both in ongoing situ and/or in current sociopolitical/geopolitical flux. Where the depiction of the one in the mob-the mute cry drowned in the chorus-is given volume, or be it of one, two ,or of more. A silence explored. A boxing breakthrough of the sealed room, shuttered windows, locked doors. The splinters suspended flight. The emptying of streets, giving way to the amble of one or the one in a ground swell of spilled magnitudes.

From Museum MAN's participation in the Liverpool Biennial 2006 BLUERPRINTS--models and instruction in an age of uncertainty to the most recent proposal at the Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin RELIQUARIES OF EMPIRES DUST Nankervis' proposals are exploring multifarious themes, in these proposals, the global shifts in politics, aesthetics, body politic, environment and geopolitics, and their trajectories, past and ever present in collaboration and participation with local, national and international artists.

Drawing from the collection of Museum MAN, and extracts of artists works from the exhibition RELIQUARIES OF EMPIRES DUST, work will be exhibited in a new context where the language, its resonance, its unique specificity is altered in a unique setting within a new cultural frame work. The art work continues to reshape its own signification abetted by a shift in context of the resculpting of the readymade environment, in form of installation and atmospheric invocation in which the work will inhabit and help shape.

International artists and artists working in Kiev, Odessa and the Ukraine are invited to exhibit works in the installation of SHOULD THE WORLD BREAK IN creating a dialogue between local, national and international artists, defining territory, transcending territory, and lending an important dialogue brought forth by each distinct cultural formation in the continuing reshuffling of global invention, reinvention, order and disorder.

Artists are invited to send their propositions to

Adam Nankervis
Museum MAN
Kastanienallee 72
D-10435 Berlin
Deutschland Germany

Museum MAN

Bereznitsky Gallery Kiev-Berlin

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