Monday, December 6, 2010

Rumble Ghost: A dance performamce based on Poltergeist

P S 122 presents the WORLD PREMIERE of JACK FERVER’s


Wednesday December 8th - Sunday December 12th

8pm with a late show at 10 pm on Saturday December 11th

Tickets $20, $15 (students/seniors), $11 (with the PS122 Passport - limited availability!)

Tickets can be purchased here
or calling 212-352-3101
PS 122 is located at 150 1rst Ave @ E. 9th Street

Rumble Ghost is a psychological dance-play that channels the classic 80s horror film Poltergeist.

"Horror movies will never be as terrifying and shocking as the human psyche. They act as metaphors – scary stories that offer a release or escape from the more devastating twists and turns of an unquiet mind. Without ghosts to explain haunted houses, we are left with the pain sites of crumbling careers, failing marriages, abused children. In Rumble Ghost, as the flimsy membrane between an American horror movie classic and the fragility of the human condition deteriorates, the darkest place in the world is shown to be right up there: in your mind.

Performed in Jack Ferver’s “hyper-reality” style, seven performers reinterpret the 1982 classic horror film Poltergeist, exploring pop-psychological landscapes with movement, original music, and a highly calibrated script. The Poltergeist theme corrodes and gives way to a group therapy session, created from Ferver’s personal experience with “Inner Child Work”, in a therapy technique aptly called: Psychodrama. As the performers are overtaken by their own child selves, a disturbing spectacle confronts the audience and a fearless exploration of the company’s own personae ensues."

Written and Choreographed by Jack Ferver.

Performed by Benjamin Asriel, Reid Bartelme, Christian Coulson, Carlye Eckert, Jack Ferver, Michelle Mola, Breanna O’Mara

Dramaturgy by Joshua Lubin-Levy
Assistant Dramaturgy by Samara Davis
Original Score by Calder Singer
Costumes by Reid Bartelme

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