Saturday, September 25, 2010

CFP: The International Journal for Arab Studies

Next issue submission: Oct 31

The International Journal for Arab Studies is an electronic journal introduced by the Society of Arab & Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter (UK). We strive to publish foutstanding and unique research produced by young academics from around the world. Our eJournal will publish original, previously unpublished, work in both Arabic and English.

Through our website, and partner links and, we hope to expand our readership and access to the thousands of researchers with interest in the Arab World.

Our journal will be published twice a year. Our second issue, due out in January 2011, will establish both a broad audience and broad spectrum of contributors. We believe our eJournal will allow academics across disciplines the opportunity to discuss with our audience history and current affairs of Arab societies and the vital internal and external security issues of concerns. IJAS also welcomes Book Reviews.

Our deadline for submissions for this second issue will be 31 October 2010.


The International Journal for Arab Studies is a refereed journal and aims to promote genuine research in the field of Arab studies. The multi-disciplinary nature of this journal includes the following fields: politics and International Relations, sociology, history, linguistics, literature and anthropology. The journal also is interested in theories relevant to these disciplines. Thus, the journal presents itself to a wide readership interested in Arab studies. This is only an electronic journal, yet we seek to produce hard copies once resources are available by 2011.

Our publication will cover articles, reviews of books and short articles on recent issues relevant to the theme of each issue. The working languages will be English and Arabic. Yet, articles will only be published in English during the first year of the establishment. The e-journal will be published three times a year; April, August and December where it will include seven articles and four book reviews. Review of publications in Arabic and English are also welcome.

The International Journal for Arab Studies seeks to make a strong link between scholarly work published in Arabic and English; hence the latter seems to be dominant over the former. Therefore, we welcome contributors from any backgrounds.

Other special events and issues will be announced on the e-journal website. The website itself will be a forum for academic discussions related to theme of the e-journal. The editorial board includes several scholars representing different universities in Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Editor in Chief
Dr. Khalid Almezaini
Fernando Carvajal (University of Exeter)
You will find our guidelines for articles and book reviews on our

Electronic submission is the only format accepted by IJAS. Please submit your manuscript to

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