Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where The White Women At?

Oriental Stories, Spring 1931
(courtesy of Ted Swedenburg)

Dear Tea-Partiers,

While you are busy having your "Restoring Honor" Rally with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin on the anniversary of the March on Washington I am going to jump on my magic carpet and have sex with your daughters.

All of them.

Hey Bristol! I'll catch up with you post-Dancing With the Stars, okay habibi? (I hear Bristol Palin is single again but I am going to wait until she dances off some of that baby weight.)


Yusef al-Chesthair of Big-Cockistan


  1. Any room for a big, greasy Eyetalian on that carpet? I'll bury any daughters we accidentally kill.

  2. Always. Although personally I think it's better for them to live with the shame.

  3. See what happens when you let the funky Arabs turn you on? You pass out in pasties, that's what!

  4. Right? I just hope he is lifting with his legs. I know for me, after a long night of kidnapping girls into white slavery I sometimes need an Advil for lower back pain.