Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where You Been?

(The only graphic of an injured shoulder
I could find that did not involve a muscular, shirtless dude. )

A'ight. I'm back. I generally don't write about personal stuff here (with the notable exception of my damn dog) but maybe I should have given you a heads up that I was moving in March. As a result there's been much less original content lately than some of you are used to from me. So many blogs just fade away and I didn't mean to give you the impression that I'm going to just wander off and leave VS the POMEGRANATE hanging: I am not going anywhere. It took me all month long and I jacked up my shoulder pretty bad in the process. Right now I smell like a giant candy cane because I am coated in a light frosting of IcyHot. It's funny, I never think about my shoulders, they are just there filling out the corners of my suit. But it turns out you need your shoulder to do like, everything. Who knew? I seem to be healing and I look forward to putting on a shirt without grimacing some time soon.

In any case my move is done.

Moving is very strange. Physically it was grueling, but in many ways it was more difficult emotionally. I lived in that place for almost nine years. I could walk though it in the dark and not bump into anything. Over the years I repainted it twice, laid new tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom and replaced all the doorknobs, switch-plates and outlets. But I just couldn't afford it anymore. Most of the stuff I read about the economy is theoretical... but this is my day-to-day reality: I have two advanced degrees from a prestigious university, I've presented my work internationally, had significant publications, taught almost a dozen University classes and I have had some tangible successes as an artist and I still can't find a job.

I don't know what else to say about that.

More soon.


  1. 1.) Wow, homie. You're doing a lot and dealing with plenty. Post when you can and when the spirit moves you. We'll still be around.

    2.) Your move sounds bittersweet-ish. I'm sorry about that. I keep waiting for the NYC real estate bubble to burst in a way that matters to the folks I love...who rent. This recession's far from over. If my spacious and climate-controlled storage space wasn't monitored I'd send you my keys.

    3.)Epsom salts compresses work wonders for deep-tissue inflammation. Also, you can get free massages and acupuncture from alternative health workers. There are spots all over Chelsea and SoHo. No need to suffer.

    4.) Rocket posts aren't personal. They are a public service.

    5.) I'm glad you're okay. Yup. :o)

  2. I love this post. It's so casual you and funny and heartfelt. Not that all of your posts aren't brilliant of course - this is just another flavor I like. More, more!