Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Awesome Artwork of Princess Hijab

In light of the-- lets go with "spirited"-- response to the "Burqa Barbie" post I thought I'd offer these images, created by Parisian guerilla street artist Princess Hijab, for your contemplation. I am a huge fan of her work, which is inspired by an anti-consumerist stance, not a religious or even overtly Islamist philosophy. Given the tensions in France and throughout Europe between white Europeans and Arab and Muslim immigrant populations this work is subversive on many levels at once. And it illustrates the ambiguity inherent in covering, a practice that "means" many different things--sometimes all at once.

Princess Hijab's true identity is unclear and it is uncertain whether or not she is an Arab, Muslim or even a "she." Nevertheless, she uses black pens and spray paint to superimpose the iconic black veil onto fashion advertising (featuring women and men), pastes "Hijab Ads" on the streets of Paris and creates wholly original images (see above). See her website for further examples of her work, including her newer web animations.


  1. Link doesn't work. It just takes us to Tiny's main homepage.

    Ive heard latest rumors that PH is actually no longer active and has been MIA


  2. @DIMA
    Thanks for the heads up, I fixed the link and it goes to the site now. I hope Princess Hijab is still active, I love her work. PH, if you are out there, I'd love to interview you, email me!